A: Measureroller Standard Ø80x120 with frame and spring. The measure roller runs on the tube.
Turn the spring until the roller presses about 2 kg.
Use circular sensor type 3.

B: Roller with arm and sensor type 5. Can run on the rim of the drum.
Some machine data have to be set and Program Rain will make compensation for the variable circumference of the drum.


A: Sensor type 3. Ø60 x 15 for roller. Circular sensor.
Contain 4 magnet sensitive points. To be fitted on the end of 80 mm roller. (See roller.)
Cable: 4 wires. With spiral cable.
B: Without spiral cable.
C: Sensor type 5 double sensor 30 x 22 x 50 mm encapsulated in epoxy.
2 small marks show the sensitive points.
D: Sensor type 7 brass. Magnet-sensor in a tube of brass containing the sensor.
Thread and nut 10 mm. Length 50 mm.sensor.

Disk with 25 magnets:

Ø410/261 x 12 mm

To be mounted on a wheel on an irrigator of the mobile type.
Use sensor type 5 double sensor.

Disk with 18 magnets:

Ø370/251 x 12 mm

To be mounted on a wheel on an irrigator of the mobile type.
Use sensor type 5 double sensor.

Disk with 6 magnets:

Ø156/16 x 12 mm

Usually used on the gear when Program Rain are running by machine data.
Use sensor type 5 double sensor
Program Rain running by machine data must receive maximum 1 impulse pr. 40 mm distance on the layer with the small diameter.
And minimum 1 impulse pr. 160 mm for the layer with the maximal diameter.
It is important to know when the choice is between disk with 4 or 6 magnets.

Disk with 4 magnets:

Ø 123/60 x 10 mm

Use like disc mith 6 magnets
Use sensor type 5 double sensor

Discs and rollers:

A: Roller with 4 magnet Ø80 mm
B: Roller with 1 magnet Ø80x120 mm
C: Roller with 1 magnet Ø80x240 mm
D: Disc with 6 magnets Ø124/59 x 20 mm
E: Disc with 4 magnets Ø91/30 x 26 mm
F: Disc with 4 magnets Ø91/10 x 14 mm
G: Disc with 4 magnets Ø91/55 x 16 mm


A: Magnet Ø10 x 10 mm or encapsulated in a PG7cable glan.
B: Magnet Ø20/4,5 x 10 mm. Strong magnet with Ø4.5 mm hole.
C: Magnet Ø8 x 40 mm. Less strong magnet with 8 mm tread and 2 nuts.
D: Magnet Ø10 x 40 mm. Less strong magnet with 10 mm tread and 2 nuts.

Analog Pressure Sensor:

Pressure Sensor
Pressure 0-16 Bar
Accuracy 2% Full Scale
Frost safe
Connection 1 ¼ inch tread.

Offset 0.5 V
Sensitivity 0.2 V / Bar
Output resistance 10 kOhm
Supply Voltage 6 – 32 V
Supply Current 1.5 mA

Sensor for the CR6-12 and PR10-12 Electronics.
Pressure is shown on display and on remote SMS.
Setpoint and hysteresis is set, on electronic, to
handle start and supervision of irrigation.
Replaces both Pressure gauge and On/Off switch
It is frost Proof.
Complete watertight, electronic is placed inside the
box of CR6-12 – PR10-12
Sensor with 3 meter cable.
Connector for CR/PR.

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